It’s important for beginners guitar players to know when they’ve found the best guitar lessons. Read this article so you know how to avoid mistakes, and find the best guitar lessons.

3 Tips On How A Beginner Guitar Player Can Find The Best Lessons.

Beginner guitar players quickly find out that learning guitar is challenging and can be frustrating.  However, many beginner guitar players quit too early because they do not know what they should practice and how to practice.  They often go to the internet and ask Google what they should be practicing.  What they find is an endless list of free online guitar lessons that give them lots of information.  Information however, does not help a beginner guitar player become a great guitar player.  This leads to loads of frustration, and unfortunately, many guitar players quit before they begin.

Tip 1 – Determine What Kind Of Guitar Player You Want To Be

The most common things that my beginner guitar students say to me when they first start taking lessons are “I just want to strum tunes by the campfire”, “I want to learn my favorite songs”, “I just want to get through a song”, “I want to learn how to play a guitar solo.”  To someone who’s never played guitar, these may seem like goals or targets.  In reality, they are vague ideas.  How will you know you’ve achieved these goals?  What EXACT songs are you trying to play? What style of music would you like to learn to solo in? What kind of song do you want to get through?  If you do not have a clear idea of the type of music you want to end up playing, you will likely experience beginner guitar player burnout.  However, if you have a clear idea of the type of guitar player you want to be, your mind will start to search for information that feeds that goal, and ignore any outside information.

Tip 2 – Motivation

Once you have chosen a target that is clear in your mind, you will automatically get a sense of motivation to start working toward that goal.  Beginner guitar players often just search for random lessons that do not help them reach a target because they did not CHOOSE a target.  Defining a target will help focus the mind, help avoid distraction, and give you something to strive for.  Beginner students often do not practice enough because they lack purpose and direction.  Once a beginner guitar student choose a target and purpose, you will get a sense of direction that will inspire you.  Once that happens, keep revising your target mentally, and imagine yourself reaching the target.  All you have to do now is keep picking up the guitar everyday in order to make some progress toward your target.

Tip 3 – Find A Teacher That Has Helped Students Like You Reach Their Targets

Now that you’ve decided what you want to achieve on your guitar, and you have started searching for lessons that will help you get there faster, it will be much easier to find a guitar teacher that has the best guitar lessons for beginners.  Teachers that produce results are always interested in the targets and goals you have in mind.  If they are really good, they will help you define those targets and goals even MORE clearly in your mind.  This will provide MORE motivation, more fire, and more results.  Run from the guitar teacher that does not have your musical interests in their mind.  This does not mean that you dictate every move to your new guitar teacher, but finding the best guitar lessons for beginners starts in the mind of the student first.

Josh Beetler from agrees that “Beginner guitar players often quit too early in the process.  They do so because they burn out trying to learn everything on the internet, instead of deciding what they REALLY want, and then searching for information and teachers that will help them with that one target.”

Once you’ve chosen a target, the clarity of mind will help empower you to push through frustration, and to seek out the best lessons to help you achieve your end game.  This motivation and clarity, combined with an excellent guitar teacher, will virtually guarantee your success as a beginner guitar player, and accelerate your progress towards hitting your targets.  Once you reach your targets, you reset, set higher targets, and go after them with new motivation.