By Jack Haddad

Why Hire a Good Guitar Teacher

Nowadays when someone wants to learn guitar the first thing they do is to jump on youtube or google and start searching “Guitar lessons for beginners” or “How to play guitar”. It’s not a bad thing by itself however these people often find themselves stuck after a while simply because youtube or google cannot replace a good experienced guitar teacher. In this article I’ll tell you why, in my opinion, you should seek out the help of a professional if you are serious about getting results as a guitar player!

A guitar teacher helps you save time and progress faster 

An experienced guitar teacher will know what to give you and how to convey the message to you.  Youtube videos and even books are made for the masses a one-size fits all approach, however the approach that your guitar teacher takes is more personal even if they are teaching you from a book. Knowing you personally gives them more depth to help you, explain things to you and make you progress faster. They can decide what’s best for you and plan your lessons accordingly. A good guitar teacher can also evaluate your weaknesses and strengths therefore helping you nurture these strengths, which will result in a faster progress.

Not to forget that they can also save you time by teaching you only the things YOU want (and need of course) to learn. If you’re a blues kind of player there is no reason to be learning about metal or classical music or any of that (unless you desire to).

Here’s the biggest benefit of having an experienced professional guitar teacher, they save you TIME by avoiding you to form bad habits!!!

That is the number one enemy of all guitar players (and musicians for that matter), learning on your own will insure that you will develop bad technique, if might not bother you at first, however over the long run it will definitely hinder your speed, ability to play complex passages/songs and most importantly might cause you to injure yourself! I’m not trying to scare you here, not at all on the contrary I’m trying to help you see why a guitar teacher is a must and how many hassles he/she will save you if you are willing to get better at guitar

At our school for instance, we provide the best guitar lessons in lebanon because that’s exactly what we do, we help students get better faster (and more) by avoiding all kind of troubles on the way.

A guitar teacher offers you support and better understanding

Let’s say you are on a youtube video and you bump into an expression or term or even a concept that you don’t understand. Usually most people either make the mistake to just ignore it and continue watching the video (knowing that they are likely missing an important piece of information) or make the other mistake of searching online AGAIN. If you’re lucky that concept might be easy to understand, however more often than not you will find that you are getting more lost and confused than you were before searching for it.

Well .. a good guitar teacher might save you all of that, because firstly he is present there for you to answer any of your questions (and you will have a lot of questions for sure). Secondly depending on your question, he/she will either answer it in a simple and easy way for you to understand (at your own level of musicianship) or he/she will advise you to leave it unanswered for now, as it doesn’t really matter at this point or it doesn’t really helps to know. Saving you in the process a lot of confusion and frustration.


Last but not least, a good guitar teacher will hold you accountable. Just like with a personal trainer, you have no other choice but to succeed because there is no room for error and no space for procrastination. Your teacher will expect you to practice from one session to the other and review the material he or she has given you next time you meet. This will encourage you to actually do the work and get better at it.

A teacher who cares about you will also push you and elevate you in many ways so that you can reach your potential, one of those ways is by holding you accountable! 

This is very powerful whether it’s with adults or kids. At our school we offer the best guitar lessons for kids because that’s one of the many things we do, we help younger students get better faster by holding them accountable.